The core objective of the Succeed support action is to improve the availability of tools and services that help to create cultural content in digital form by promoting the take-up and validation of research results in the field of mass digitisation, mainly for textual content. Succeed will address the promotion of this knowledge transfer by pursuing the following objectives:

  1. Promoting the validation and take-up of tools and resources that enhance access to digitised textual content.
  2. Contributing to the normalisation and standardisation of text digitisation techniques and outputs, as well as to the normalisation of licensing in data-dissemination agreements.
  3. Building and maintaining evaluation services for digitisation tools.
  4. Disseminating research results by organising events in cooperation with established venues and communities, and by implementing awards and competitions that exploit or apply the tools and resources which have been produced by research projects.
  5. Connecting existing infrastructures in the field of digitisation in order to coordinate efforts and to identify funding and business opportunities.


Furthermore, the Succeed project will also support the European Commission in preparing the 2014–2020 Work Programme for Research and Innovation by addressing the following goals:

  1. Sharing knowledge about best practices in setting up competence centres for European innovation and research by organising virtual (a web hub) and physical venues (meetings and workshops) in order to share and exchange business models, legal forms, implementation risks, funding opportunities, standardised governance models, contracts and license agreements.
  2. Defining a roadmap towards a common infrastructure of competence centres in the digital libraries and digital preservation research area.