Digitisation Days

The Digitisation Days aim to present an up-to-date vision of the most recent advances in technology for the digitisation of text, to showcase successful experiences in their application and to explore the challenges for the near future of digitisation. To register, please follow this link

The event comprises:

  • The DATeCH conference (Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage) where the latest and future technologies for the digitisation of historical text will be presented and discussed.
  • A demonstration day where the most advanced technology for digitisation will be showcased.
  • The ceremony of the Succeed awards recognising the successful adoption of digitisation tools and techniques.
  • Panel discussions on digitisation policies, intellectual property rights and other hot topics in the digitisation domain.

The digitisation days will take place in Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid, on May 19-20, 2014.

This event is supported by the European Commission, and organised by the Succeed project and the IMPACT Centre of Competence in Digisation with the cooperation of Biblioteca Nacional de España. 


To register, please follow this link.