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Abbyy FineReader Engine 10Alchemy API - Keyword extractionCoBaLT
CutoutsDBPedia SpotlightDevelopers workshops (hackathons)
DigitWikiDocument DeskewerFirst sustainability workshop
Fraunhofer Newspaper Segmenter & KorrektorFrog NE RecognitionGIMP
Geometric Correction: Page CurlGround truthGuidelines for contributing
ImageMagick / GraphicsMagickImage processingImages
Impact Bulgarian Demonstrator DatasetImpact Bulgarian Historical LexiconImpact Czech Demonstrator Dataset
Impact Czech Historical LexiconImpact Ducth Named Entities LexicaImpact Dutch Demonstrator Dataset
Impact Dutch Historical LexiconImpact English Historical LexiconImpact English Named Entities Lexica
Impact French Historical LexiconImpact German Historical LexiconImpact German Named Entities Lexica
Impact Polish Demonstrator DatasetImpact Polish Historical LexiconImpact Slovene Demonstrator Dataset
Impact Slovene Historical LexiconImpact Spanish Demonstrator DatasetImpact Spanish Historical Lexicon
Impact Spanish Institutional DatasetJHOVE2Language resources
Layout analysisLexicon ServiceMain Page
Miscellaneous toolsNERT 2013NE Attestation Tool
NLTKNamed Entities Recognition and ResolutionOCR Training
OCR evaluationOcrevalUAtionOmniPage 18
Post-correctionRoadmap for the future of European Competence CentresScan Tailor
Stanford NERTPDL Tutorial State-of-the-art tools for text digitisation
Tesseract 3.02Text processingText recognition
Virtual Transcription Laboratory